Funky Southern Fried Blues 
Do It - Mojo Mothership
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Fresh From the Studio:

Fever in the Funk House - Mojo Mothership
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Hailing from Winchester, Virginia USA, Mojo Mothership is dedicated to turning every venue into a rousing, jumping juke joint.


Blues with authentic respect for its roots. From Chicago to Memphis, Kansas City and Muscle Shoals, to British Blues as well. 


These influences are the heart and essence of our very own - 

"Funky Southern Fried" style. 


National Cherry Blossom Festival Coordinator - Andreas Sengebusch:


"Mojo Mothership flawlessly delivered an extremely tight performance that was definitely one of the musical highlights of this year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival. Professional from start to finish. This group definitely showed the skills, talent and passion to serve up some sizzlin’ Blues. We sure hope to see Mojo Mothership at our festival again!"

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"Mojo Mothership brings a refreshing new energy to the Blues. Their debut original song "Fever in the Funk House" grabs you at the first note and is the type of song you wish was double it's length!  LOVE IT!"  -  Downtown Deb's 21st Century Blues


 Mojo Mothership:

Phone - 540-542-9430 


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